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Kristi's services are prompt and professional. She is able to value what is most important to client and simultaneously provide constructive feedback.

I use strategic & creative tools to give you the edge

Together with my team at Katalyst Media Group, I want to help you discover and thrive in your divine purpose. As a brand strategist, I have spent many years researching, consuming, creating and sharing as much information on branding that I could find. As a women-owned small business, I know first hand the needs, challenges, and support required to succeed. The most important of these is a purposeful partnership.

People are not perfect, but they do follow certain patterns. With my natural gift for creativity and understanding of what makes people tick, I can help unify your company, influence your brand’s market, and architect and implement your brand experience for success.

Creative Direction is the intersection where Art Direction & Design meet Strategy. Sometimes another creative mind is needed. Someone to bounce ideas off. Someone to challenge the status quo. If you can image it, I can create a beautiful picture while still maintaining your brand’s strategic goals. 

It’s time to throw out those boring, overused stock photos, cell phone snapshots and gifs. Sell your products or real estate without saying a word. Show your personality with style. High quality niche (eCommerce, real estate) and professional lifestyle (influencers, thought leaders) builds trust and authenticity that intentionally connects with your customer.

The ever-changing landscape of the digital world continues to lead us into unchartered waters. Education is at the core of the Katalyst Media Group’s business model. From my signature THE [KO]LLEGE LIFE™ programs to keynote topics on Brand strategy, culture, and leadership.

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